Manufacturer: Elprosys
49 853,18 zł
The DiagProg III is the most complete available programming device for digital speedometers. The system is a high-quality handheld tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simple operation.
DiagProg III can be equiped with software bundled into various packages, that means You may buy only this software that will be useful for You. Description of the packages is given here . The software is designed for programming of dashboard appliances installed in various car makes. If you have a car that is not listed above you can send the speedometer/ecu to us so we can develop procedure for mileage correction.

DiagProg III Let You:
  • programm, and alterate of mileage counters
  • software repair of mileage counters (if data corrupted)
  • mending and programming of AIRBAG modules
  • electronic tuning of vehicles through diagnostic interface
  • reading out and resetting of errors signalled by board computers that control engines of vehicles

Few kinds of Mileage correction.

  • By Diagnosis-plug
  • Cluster-plug
  • Eeprom
  • Soldering
  • Processor